Mrs Rukminee Holass-Beepath 

Mrs Rukminee Holass-Beepath 
Rukminee Holass-Beepath can be considered not just a pioneer in Indian arts, culture and music in Trinidad and Tobago, but she can be more aptly called and agent of change.

Her journey and her philosophy is one of empowerment through education, culture and spirituality and the promotion, development and sustainability of the Indian art form.

Throughout her life, she has unselfishly and generously demonstrated her core beliefs in her music, her writings and her teachings, and in her informal lectures and community activities. Her tireless efforts are enjoyed throughout the Indian Diaspora in Trinidad and Tobago as she continues to preserve traditions of her ancestors by linking the past to present day cultural dispositions.

Ms. Holass-Beepth, originally from the village of Credos, learned from her parents the value of humility, sacrifice and commitment to family. Those values instilled in her and her siblings from an early age by her parents, along with their teachings in music, song, instruments and dance became the pathway out of poverty and the future for Rukminee and her siblings. She became a wife, mother, educator, composer, author and singer and to a larger extent, a mentor to many young and aspiring Trinbagonians who had deep desire to learn the various Indian art forms, which Rukminee would graciously and willingly deliver.

Rukminee continues to devote her time to promoting, teaching and composing a variety of Indian folk and chutney songs, singing in Ramayanas, weddings, Chowtaal and many other occasions and Indian festivals in Trinidad and Tobago. To compliment her renowned stage and theater personality and schedule, she has also written several books:
 Ganga Darshanam – Songs for Kartik Snaan and Ganga Darshahara Festival
 Vivaah Geet – Hindu Wedding Ceremony and Songs
 Janam Geet – Birthday Songs
 Heartfelt Expressions - Poems

As she has done all her adult life, Ms. Holass-Beepath is still a committed social activist, a non-partisan community leader and cultural mentor and promoter of Indian music and song throughout Trinidad and Tobago. 


56B, Back Street, Tunapuna, 
Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.

Corner Cumberbatch St & Chaguanas Main Rd.



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