Ms Leanda Vandana Bidaisee

Ms Leanda Vandana Bidaisee 
Leanda Vandana Bidaisee is the current Assistant Secretary of the Kathak Kala Sangam. Presently, she is a Mechanical Engineer employed at the MIC Institute of Technology in Trinidad.

Ms. Bidaisee was born in Pasea Village, Tunapuna where she is the only child to her parents. She attended the Tunapuna Hindu Primary School, followed by the El Dorado Easy Secondary School, formerly, El Dorado Senior Comprehensive School.

After completing her CAPE examinations, she went on to the University of the West Indies where she obtained a BSc in Mechanical Engineering while working as a full time teacher for 18 months.

Ms. Bidaisee grew up in a cultured East Indian, Hindu home where she developed an attraction to the Indian Classical Arts. She became actively involved in classes at Bharatiya Vidya Sanstthan (BVS) under the tutelage of Guru Professor Hari Shankar Adesh, in Hindi and Shastriya Sangeet Vocal Classes where she is currently a level 2 student.

Ms. Bidaisee is also a level 3 Kathak Student at the Kathak Kala Sangam. One of her main goals in life is to promote the classical arts throughout Trinidad and Tobago while inspiring younger generations to get involved.  


56B, Back Street, Tunapuna, 
Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.

Corner Cumberbatch St & Chaguanas Main Rd.



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