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The curriculum of the Kathak Kala Sangam is structured to embrace different disciplines; a teaching and performing arts wing, a literary arts wing and an academic / intellectual section that would embrace, lectures, workshops and symposia on anything associated with learning and the sharing of knowledge on the role and function of the Sangam.

The curriculum must impart knowledge to the students so that they could see and connect with the various ways of looking at things. It has to teach and guide people to think in a logical way so that they can learn and create new dimension of the arts forms, in keeping with established and existing methodologies. It must be creative, maintaining high levels of aesthetic qualities rather than only learning by rote and expressing only from memory.

It must lead to a mix of the Old with the new experimental works; In this regard it must be relevant and contemporary while adhering to its Folk base and Classical base.
In this regard the Syllabus of training in the fields of vocal, instrumental music and dance is reconfigured to provide students with attainable goals. The four year syllabus is broken down into a foundation course of training, a two year elementary course, a one year Intermediate Course , an Advanced Course and a Diploma programme.

Foundation Course

The foundation course would admit students between ages 6 to 9 years. They are exposed to the rudiments of the art forms in the Indian Performing Arts; vocal, instrumental music and dance (classical, folk & contemporary). They will learn in a more relaxed environment, while pursuing a course structure designed to provide knowledge, instil confidence, self-esteem and build an interest in the Indian Art forms from an early age. Assessment would be undertaken in various categories; form, discipline, natural rhythm, attitude to and aptitude for training.

Elementary Course

This course runs for two academic years Minimum of 80 contact hours of training, with prescribed syllabus of training and an evaluation at the end of each year.

Intermediate Course

The Intermediate Course, is taught according to a prescribed syllabus and runs for one academic year (80 contact hours) ending with an evaluation/ examination and certification.

Advanced Course

The advanced course comprises a mixture of project work, theoretical and practical training. This course is also structured to mould and form the body, to train the brain to think and execute sequences through the body with speed , agility, grace, poise and finesse; all so necessary for undertaking stage performances (solo, duets and group work). The student will also be required to teach classes at lower levels under supervision. The course is taught through 150 contact hours. Because of the intensive nature of the training, research, theoretical and academic, the minimum age requirement for enrolment in this course is thirteen years and over.

Diploma Course

The Diploma Course is a mixture of research, advanced theoretical and practical work. It conforms to the rigour of training for a university undergraduate degree. Students must be able to do research, analyse, write and present work in group and lecture setting. The course will include training in a combination of creative and performing arts. As such the age of admission for the course must be a minimum of seventeen years. The course is taught through 150 contact hours.

For further infomation

Contact Numbers:
742-2409, 374-8625, 789-3609, 663-9513

(a) The Registration Fee per anum: TT$250.00.
This fee covers the cost of exams and certification; periodic notices and bulletins; and attendance to all performances of the Sangam, free of charge, except for fund-raising projects. This fee is payable at the beginning of the school year.
(b) Foundation Course:
                                                TT$400.00 per term.
(c) Elementary Course (3- years):
                            Year I - TT $400.00 per term
                           Year II - TT $450.00 per term
                          Year III - TT $475.00 per term
(d) Intermediate Level Course (1 Year):

                                                 TT $500.00 per term
(e) Advanced Level Course (1 Year):

                                            TT $600.00 per term

Training Venues

The Multi-Purpose Hall of the Chaguanas Hindu Temple, Corner, Main road and Cumberbatch Street Chaguanas on Sundays from 9.00 am to 12.30pm

The Main Studio, Back Street, Tunapuna, on Saturdays from 9.00am to 1.00pm

Nrityayog Dance Company, Bamboo #2 Valsayn, South
Classes will also be conducted via the Zoom online platform.


Vocal - Hindustani Classical, religious & folk Music
Sharda Maharaj
Ranjana Rambachan

Percussion - Tabla, Dholak, Pakhawaj and Tassa
Deepack Manohar
Anelia Baijoo

Dance - Kathak Classical and Indian Folk .
Dr. Sat Balkaransingh
Puja Pundit

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56B, Back Street, Tunapuna, 
Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.

Corner Cumberbatch St & Chaguanas Main Rd.



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